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For those who live off the grid, or just want to use less electricity, the old fashioned clothesline is part of day to day life. Even if you live in the burbs and want to be more self sufficient in case of lose of power, having a clothesline just in case is a good thing.

A clothesline is a bit of an investment, but once you have all the pieces typically the only thing that wears out or breaks is the point where you join the two ends. There are as many ways to join clothesline as there are ways to dry your clothes.

Growing up a clothesline was a way of life in my house, and we had the same design joiner my entire childhood. It looked weird and I couldn’t figure out how it worked, but it just stayed up there year after year after year.

When my wife and I first got married we installed a clothesline to save money and we tried other types of joiners because they were more available. And they all had their down sides. The one that you turn and ratchet up the excess line, tends to break quickly while tightening it up, as it has a week spot. The bend over staple types (which I haven’t seen in years) are okay once installed, but they are difficult to bend over and not adjustable once the line stretches, as it invariably does.

So back we went to the odd style my Dad preferred. This pull through design distributes the forces most evenly. Once installed, can be adjusted in literally a second once the line stretches and sags. As long as you get the all aluminum heavy duty design it will last a very long time.


The Best Clothesline Joiner

Ratcheting Clothesline Tightener


The Best Clothesline Joiner

Ratcheting Clothesline Tightener

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