TODAY’S TOOL – Lambro Better Dryer Vent

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A majority of Products listed here in the Shop that have met the Toolman Tim seal of approval have started from the same path. My wife and I have a product that isn’t living up to our expectations and we start looking and searching for a better alternative.

A cliche for inventors is that people are always looking to build a better mousetrap. Another one is you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Well which one is it do you need to improve or do you need to build something new. Well in our search for a better dryer vent I think they reinvented the wheel and it was for the better.

We needed a better dryer vent one that vented up and away from the ground instead of forcing the air down into a very small space that we had. I came across the Lambro design dryer vent seal, another company that makes a similar design is Heartland. I am not sure which one came up with the design first, but it doesn’t really matter as its a top notch design that just plain works.

Why do I like this dryer vent better, well, first it has a cover on the top to keep snow and rain out. Second the interior design is in a way that the hard the wind blows the tighter the vent seals. And third and most importantly it is 100% more accessible for cleaning. You just flip the lid off remove the cup and you have a wide open area to remove what type of lint has gathered there. However up to this point so far there has been zero need to clean it out.


Lambro Dryer Vent


Lambro Dryer Vent

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