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Its rather funny, how a person can justify spending too much on an outdoor grill and then neglect it by not cleaning often enough, not covering it or getting a cover that doesn’t withstand the summer sun and winter cold.

I have been consistently guilty of all those crimes, I tend to be lazy when it comes to cleaning my grill, although I do it, just not often enough. I don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on a grill but then I pick up the cheapest, most bargain basement cover I can find.

I would always buy the least expensive plastic style cover. Which is fine as long as it not too sunny and not too cold. But as soon as the temps get near freezing especially, a simple attempt to adjust it would cause the entire thing to crumble before my eyes.

I finally got tired of this a year or so ago when I realized our central air cover, wasn’t nearly as affected by the cold. I did some digging to find out the reason. It was also made of polyester but of a variety called oxford polyester. It feels much closer in consistency to a fabric tablecloth, but it still sheds water and keeps the elements out. However the best feature is it is unaffected by high or low exterior temperatures. So it stays flexible in the winter and doesn’t stretch and tear in the summer heat.

It will still tear though if you snag it on something sharp and pointy just asked me how i know that. But for the price of it not really being much more than the traditional junk i bought. It is significantly more durable, and has held up through two winters so far.


Oxford Polyester BBQ Cover


Oxford Polyester BBQ Cover

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