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When my oldest daughter first moved out on her own, I was so proud when she called me one day and said. Dad I picked up some booster cables to keep in my car, I bought the longest and heaviest duty ones I could afford. I had honestly forgotten I had told her that, but she remembered and got herself a seriously quality set of booster cables before I even had a chance to get them for her.

So what do you look for in a set of booster cables. First thickness, as in the gauge. The smaller the number the thicker the wire, and the more power you can put through them without them melting or burning up. Secondly I have never met a person who has said, damn I wish I bought shorter booster cables. The simple fact remains if you need to boost a vehicle there’s a solid chance it won’t be in a super accessible position, and you will wish you had long enough cables. Third look for heavy duty clamps they are well coated with paint, rubber etc. This will lengthen the life of the clamps and make it much less likely you will touch them together, short something out or get a shock yourself.

These 25′ 1 gauge booster cables I use are plenty long enough, plenty heavy enough and stay flexible in the cold weather. As long as you can find a place where you can stash them under your back seat or in a storage compartment in the floor, then just buy them stash them and forget about it. There will come a day you absolutely need them. And I can promise you will use them for yourself, or someone else, so much more often if you actually keep them in your vehicle.

One quick tip as well, make sure you take the time and teach any family member that might drive your vehicle, exactly the proper process for boosting a vehicle, so they are safe and the vehicle is safe as well.


25 FOOT 1 Gauge Booster Cables


25 FOOT 1 Gauge Booster Cables

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