Do you have knowledge you would like to share with the Workshop Community. I would love to have you on an episode of The Workshop Podcast Live.


What Time is The Workshop Live? We Go Live Every Sunday Evening 7MT/8CT/9ET You Youtube/Odysee/Flote

What Special Gear do I need? Do you have a smart Phone, that’s enough, but a computer with a laptop and external mic will give you better results.

Why Do I need To Submit Questions? These questions are so that we can talk about what you want to talk about, and keep the conversation flowing and on your chosen Topic.

Are you Interested in My topic? Almost Certainly Yes. If it is something that fits our mission statement of Creating Community, Finding Freedom, Promoting Preparedness and Sharing Success. Topics we Discuss but are not Limited too, are Entrepreneurship, Preparedness, Tools, Construction, DIY, Homesteading and more. If you are passionate about sharing your story and knowledge there is a really good chance we will make it work.